#turnthelensonself – 3

Today’s prompt word is quiet. I crave quiet. My days are noisy because I work in a school. With small children. And teachers. And parents. Lots of words.

And on the way to and from work, I fill my ears with more words – audio books, NPR, podcasts.

My quiet time happens in the early morning. I sit on the couch with my bible or a book or a notebook. Sometimes I just hold them in my lap and soak up the quiet.

Thanks to Michelle for helping my turn the lens around.


#turnthelensonself – 2

The prompt today was strong. After two months of feeling poorly, Strong is the last word I would use to describe myself. But today there were blue skies and I didn’t spend so much time coughing so I decided to hit the mat while dinner was cooking. I chose a yoga video from Adriene knowing that Pilates would knock me back for the evening. What I needed was some deep breathing and stretching. And there is nothing better than child’s pose when you need to relax. This practice gives me hope.

If you are on Instagram, check out the feed for #turnthelensonself.


I am taking a different path this week and using this space to join Michelle’s photo challenge.

The prompt today is warmth. As soon as I saw that word I knew my photo would be hands wrapped around my morning cuppa. I start the day with a cup of hot water. Today there is a slice of ginger in my cup but often it is just water. I used to rush for that first cup of coffee but when I chose to cut back on my caffeine intake, I began this ritual. I pour my cup of water and take time to read or write. I sit on the couch, wrapped in a quilt, my hands wrapped around my cup, drinking in the warmth before I begin sipping. I try to let the quiet house and warm water ease me into the morning and the day.

Are you joining this challenge?

Hello Friday

We had some beautiful sunshine yesterday- it is amazing how that lifts the spirits. And the chickens have decided I need a bit more vitamin C in my Friday. The rain is back so this liquid sunshine will be a welcome addition to my lunch.

Inspired by Kat, I have a few Friday links to share:

We went to a Wailin’ Jenny’s concert this week. These women are so good. I especially love their version of One Voice.

I am making plans to visit Tolt Yarn and Wool a few times this month. This weekend there is a trunk show for the new Plain and Simple book and Icelandic Wool month started yesterday.

This sweater pattern has released. I’m not really in the market for a new sweater but it sure is lovely.

And this book was recommended by two trusted reading friends so I had to pick it up – FOMO is in full swing.

Happy Friday!

Three Things

I am declaring today, March 1, as the start of my 2018. Here are three things that I hope will help me relaunch this year:

  1. A new set of lunch containers to inspire my lunch packing,
  2. A new to me idea for keeping a notebook
  3. A new calendar of Pilates workouts and a monthly mission that is calling my name (the Sisterhood program is open for enrollment so if you are interested, take a look)

And a bonus idea for this first month of my new year, I am planning to take more pictures and excited about Michelle’s photo challenge.

*those little knitted chickens in the picture above were made by my daughter and I am thinking of carrying them in my pocket for some fun March photos

Unraveled Wednesday – inch by inch

No unraveling, just some slow progress on my Birkin sweater. I have never been a monogamous knitter but I do want to see if I can finish this one while there is still time to wear it. I am putting a small marker that I can move each day as I inch toward the hem. And then of course there will need to be sleeves. But one thing at a time.

Not much reading due to that nasty sinus thing. It was so bad that I could not even wear my glasses which makes it hard to read. I did finish listening to It’s Not Dark Yet. I am in awe of people who find the light in every situation. I have a few audio books on hold at the library so I will spend this in between time catching up on podcasts.

I am also excited to read that Grace will be writing about books and reading and readers. Be sure to stop by and see her.


I have been battling a sinus thing for almost 8 weeks now. Just when I think I have won, it creeps back. I spent the weekend drinking tea and doing some serious napping. But the weekend was made brighter by a little bag of goodies left on my doorknob to brighten my day and wish me a full recovery. A very sweet, tiny, tiny moment.