Unraveled Wednesday

This week finds me unraveling an old chair. This was one of the chairs from my parent’s dining set. I cannot remember the original color but I do remember my dad recovering them in this brown fabric – at least 40 years ago. I will head to the fabric store for new stuffing, fabric, and trim. Stay tuned! While you wait, visit Kat for more Unraveled stories.



Our tiny person’s mama is home in the summer so our schedules are a bit different but we still get to have plenty of play time. He loves duplo blocks, gears, and cars and his Grampa. Grampa is a good playmate and can do fun things like juggling and magic tricks.

I love to peek in on these #tinytinymoments.

Hello Friday

Thirty six years ago I was making my wedding dress on the Brother sewing machine that mom bought for me when I graduated from college. No bells or whistles- just a work horse machine. I made a lot of clothing on that machine (for myself and later for the girls). I stitched up curtains, bumper pads and baby quilts, pillows and even some slip covers.

Then I got serious about quilting and needed an upgrade. The popular machine with quilters (started with a capital B) was out of my price range. But Pfaff had just come out with a very nice machine and the price was right. I had learned to sew on a Pfaff. It felt right. More clothing, home decor, and lots of quilts were stitched up in that machine.

After 25 years, it was ready to retire. When I went to the sewing machine store I was planning to get another Pfaff. But the I saw the Brother machines and I was sold. This one has an extra wide throat plate – great for machine quilting, needle down function, an extra plate to extend the sewing space, and more bells and whistles that I probably won’t use. So far I have figured out how to wind the bobbin and get it threaded. Hopefully I will be stitching up a storm very soon.

Unraveled Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I unraveled my crafts spaces (yes, I was occupying two bedrooms – empty nest you know) and moved everything into one room. Part of the process included being brutal about tossing things that do not carry joy. It was a good unraveling that uncovered some wonderful possibilities for new projects.

Last year I began a Stopover sweater but did not trust knitting a sweater bottom-up. So it was unraveled and the yarn put away. Last weekend, I was itching to start a new sweater and, having just sorted my yarn, knew I had enough Blue Sky yarn to pick up the pattern again. I am still uncertain about what will happen when I get to the point of joining body and sleeves but I will continue.

I am currently listening to Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods – mostly while walking- and it is very entertaining. It is funny that I have finished 13 books but do not have one single Bingo yet!

Off to visit Kat – Happy Wednesday.


Yesterday I got back on the bike. Yes, I went for a bike ride, but I also rolled up my sleeves and took care of some things around the house. Inspired by Michelle’s intentions class, I made a list (always a list) and began to look at those places that need/deserve a little tending.

The list is not too long. I’m trying to be reasonable/realistic. There are some chores, some things that are active, others that are quiet. There is creativity.

I used to think of practice as something we do to get us to the end result. This week, I am seeing practice as a step on its own. Practice for the purpose of engaging.

It was good to get back on the bike.

Happy Tuesday.


Thinking about this season of caregiving for an aging parent and falling into this new book.

Grateful for time with our tiny person. He went along to celebrate his great-grampa’s birthday this week and was deemed “a delightful little boy.”

Interested in and investigating the purchase of a new sewing machine. Mine is beginning to clunk and the bobbin winder is not working well. I think it is time.

Fun – Last week I had a comment from a new reader. After some back and forth email, we discovered that not only do we live in neighboring cities but she used to work with my mom and has met my dad. And she quilts and knits! We are having lunch together today – how fun is that?

Thanks again to Kym for this fun, Friday prompt

Unraveled Wednesday

I want very much to cast on a new sweater and cut out fabric for a new dress. But one of the Ravelry forums that I frequent is hosting a frog or finish along and it has me digging through my fabric and yarn wips.

This week I finished quilting the animal cracker quilt. The binding is machine stitched but still needs to be turned and hand stitched. And I added one more row to the Summer Triangle quilt top I started at the retreat. I am planning to get that one finished in the next month too. I did toss (yes, into the trash) a uniform tunic. The fabric was too flimsy and very hard to sew and in the end, I would not have worn it. Note to self: cheap fabric is not a good idea.

In my knitting basket I have two finish projects. My green Annabel sweater needs another sleeve so I wound the yarn yesterday. And then there is this Hansel Hap. I looked at my Ravelry notes and see that I started this in 2015. Not that long ago. I did the contrast rows last summer and started the outer border and set it aside again. These are not really my colors but I think it will make a nice prayer shawl so I picked it up and knit 4 repeats of the lace last night. That brings me to the halfway point.

Book Bingo update: I finished a few more books over the last week. I have 12 boxes filled but there are a few squares that are going to be tougher. Speculative fiction is always a puzzle for me.

So no unraveling this week which is good too. Be sure to visit Kat’s Unraveled Wednesday link up.