Three on Thursday

There is a story here. A story about being three. A story about loving dirt and water. A story about having a great imagination.

I had a fun chat with Honoré last week about scrapbooking and making layouts and getting our stories told. This inspired me to share three things are about paper and pictures and stories.

1. I want to learn how to do more digital scrapbooking. Or maybe it is hybrid. I am reading up on digital techniques and contemplating a new computer/device for easier digital creating.

2. I need to organize my photos. Most of them are on my phone and in the cloud. I used to upload to Flickr and Shutterfly but I am woefully behind. I am excited to check out some different options that I found in the replies on Carole’s post today.

3. Pictures are fun but the story behind the picture is important. We welcomed our new grandson this week and while mama and papa were at the hospital, our bigger person stayed with us. I didn’t take a lot of pictures but I write down a lot of his words. It made me think about how we hold those memories and what we leave behind. It made me wonder what my mom treasured when she was with us after our daughters were born. What stories did she want to remember when our girls spent time with their grandparents. Because Alzheimer’s took those memories away, we have no way of knowing. That is what I want most from documenting these days. I want our daughters and grandsons to know how much we treasured them, even when we can no longer tell the stories.

Mindful Monday

Liminal space is an inner state and sometimes an outer situation where we can begin to think and act in new ways. It is where we are betwixt and between, having left one room or stage of life but not yet entered the next.” Richard Rohr

Do you know this idea of liminal space? Last week three different people mentioned this term to me and when I typed those words into the search box, Richard Rohr showed up. And that was quite a rabbit trail.

There is quite a bit of betwixt and between in my life right now. I was hoping to start running again. It seemed that working from home might give me some flexibility in my day. But when the parks were closed, the only path available was the neighborhood and I live in a very hilly area. So I am walking – a lot. And I am conquering the hills. I am hopeful that when my favorite running trail is accessible again, I will be ready to run. Until then, I will try to pay attention to the liminal spaces in my days.

What is on your mind this Monday?

Three questions

1. What was the best day in April?

My birthday was the best day. I am uncomfortable with birthday hoopla when it is directed at me but because of the shelter at home order, I was showered with attention from afar. Birthday goodies, flowers, and a banner delivered to my front porch. Lots of cards in the mail. And a fun cupcake celebration on Zoom with my favorite people.

2. What did I miss?

Grocery shopping. I used to go to the store multiple times each week. I love meal planning and slow shopping, wandering the aisles, reading ingredients, picking up produce to make sure it is the freshest. I don’t mind wearing a mask or planning just one trip a week. But I miss being able to wander and linger. I will say that the staff at my store have been so amazing. They are kind and gentle and I am so grateful for their work.

3. What does peace look like in May?

I am cultivating some peaceful practices. A lot of walking and paying attention. Gardening will definitely be a peaceful pursuit. More time for prayer and putting pen to paper.

Three questions inspired by Emily P. Freeman’s monthly letter.

Friday finish

I have a Friday finish. Grand baby number two will be here soon. The Mama saw the doctor yesterday and she is moving along. Both Mama and Papa have been working from home and taking lots of precautions so they can be together in the delivery room and big brother will come and stay with gramma and grampa. Thank goodness for FaceTime so their little family can be together/apart.

Like Mary I am having a hard time showing up to write these days. I think posts in my head but by the evening, when I usually write, I am worn out. Moving our school online and working from home has been full of new things to learn. This week I spent a lot of time on video calls, trying to encourage and reassure my staff. When you are in front of kids, you get immediate feedback. Teaching online, even with live class times each week, means you need to check in differently. But I am so proud of them and grateful for the way they have stepped into this new way of teaching and loving their students.

It is a strange way to head into retirement. I’m not unhappy that there won’t be one of those gatherings where the retiree sits in a chair at the front of the room and everyone talks about you. And I have also had a lot of time to think about how I want life to look after June 30 and that has been a gift. One friend said, let’s call this practice.

Happy Friday.